This Wednesday we will release a very exclusive membership on our website that will include hella crazy perks, members only products, and a monthly delivery program for one whole year. This membership is limited to only 100 slots. Mark your calendars! Set your alarms! Tag someone who might be interested!!! We put a lot of thought and work into this program and made sure that it will be worth every penny. We hope you can be a part of the Westpac Elite Club.

$499 // 100 Member Slots Available
1 Year membership
1 Exclusive Elite Package delivered every month.

Monthly Package includes:
ONE (1) Exclusive Crowns Cap available to ONLY Westpac Members delivered every month for one year. Plus, exclusive stickers and/or accessories included.

Introductory Month Package:
- Exclusive Members Only Hat
- Exclusive Members Only Tee
- Exclusive Stickers
- Exclusive Westpac Elite Members Only Card

-Special WESTPAC ELITE Card and Promo code for each member.
- Discounts at Crowns, Clans and other family companies.
- Access to purchase Special Edition Tees available only to Elite members.
- Access to purchase exclusive Crowns and Clans merchandise available only to ELITE Members.
- Private shopping in store invites for Black Friday, holiday season and other special events.
- Special PROMOCODE discount created to share with your friends and family.
- Member of special Email list for release announcements.
- Added to Closed Facebook Group for members for member announcements and special product releases.
- Front of the Line privileges.
- Personal Customer Service Agent

Each month you will receive a different premium designed cap. This cap will be available to MEMBERS ONLY! It will not be released to the general public. We've added tons of value to this membership. $499 = $41 a month X (12) months. That is well worth all the benefits this package includes. We will also create special products that will be available ONLY to Elite Members to purchase. (Varsity jackets, Tees, Towels, Umbrellas, Duffle Bags, etc...) All your favorite Crowns items, rest assured, these products will be limited and will be only for members. We have really put a lot of work and tons of value into this program and truly hope you will a Westpac Elite Member.

(Some Restrictions & Conditions Apply)